I am blue.

I am the violet wretch.

The shadows of our former selves cast us asunder.

I am death’s frozen lament.



Her hair was soft, she was soft. Hands that spoke all of nature’s wonders softly to my skin.
When I think of her my mind shuts down, it’s too much to bear, knowing that she will never love me like I do, her.
Sleepless nights that seemingly never end, thinking of her, of an “us”. They are just another aspect of the pitiful life I’m confined to.
If only it were possible to wake up and be something else, not have these stone-set emotions.
I am stuck, for this love has grasped my heart so tight it has opened my eyes to the wonders my heart is still capable of, and has blinded me of nearly everything else.
I need you, fairest woman of my dreams.


Crouched, halfway up a snow covered tree. No leaves, no life. Breathing slow and deep. So cold. Breath is smoke floating ever upward. Ground, blanketed in pure white. Silence echoes between trees and rocks, earth.

She comes slowly through a thicket of sparkling bushes. Hair dancing around her beautiful face. Body slim and fit, she is everything brilliant in a human. Fingers extend, bowstring snaps.

One arrow

Two hearts

That new bar-tending job

This is just a practice post to test out this site and see if I like it!

I recently started my job as a bartender for a bowling company. I enjoy it very much, for when I go there I am happy that I am gaining experience as a bartender under these awesome circumstances. The company just switched over to a new computer system that they are all getting used to. With my awesome adaptability I can easily navigate the system better than the majority of my fellow employees. On top of that I am taking to the position like a pro, learning how to make the drinks and what goes in what. This job is really great and I know that I will enjoy bar-tending for some time to come.

Anyways this is just a test like I said at the beginning, as I will most likely post different writings of mine, and maybe some pictures of my sketches! I hope all who are reading this enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy creating the things that will go on it!